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The PINK NOISE ALBUM Finally get the relief you need
...through PINK NOISE!!!

What is The PINK NOISE ALBUM? It's a recording of the highest quality, purest pink noise. And, it's the most affordable pink noise CD available!

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20 min. MP3 (faster download--18MB, shorter program) $3.99

60 min. MP3 (longer download--55MB, longer program) $4.99

Professionally mastered in an all-digital studio to ensure the purest, highest quality PINK NOISE available!





Pink noise is identical to white noise except the higher frequencies have been turned down. This creates a kind of noise that sounds a little lower in pitch, which some people find to be more soothing than white noise.


How to use The PINK NOISE ALBUM:

The PINK NOISE ALBUM is easy and safe to to use for all ages, and for all kinds of noise-related complaints. It currently comes in two formats: Short Program (20 min.) MP3 ($3.99), and Long Program (60 min.) MP3 ($4.99),

(Long Program (60 min.) CD coming soon!)

To use as MP3: Just load the MP3 into your iPod, or other MP3 player and it's ready to go. You can play either version just once, or you can loop the track and have it play for as long or as short as you like. For sleeping the loop feature is ideal as it can play continuously through the night, masking any sounds that might disrupt your sleep. ( Note: The PINK NOISE ALBUM starts with 10 seconds of gentle fade in, and ends with 10 seconds of gentle fade out. If you want to elimnate the fades, simply adjust the start and stop times on your MP3 player 10-20 seconds into the beginning and end and you'll have continuous pink noise with no fade in or out!)

To use as a CD: You can simply burn a CD from your computer using a CD-R and you've got The PINK NOISE ALBUM on CD! Don't have a CD-burner on your computer, or hate dealing with anything computer-related? Don't worry the CD verson of The PINK NOISE ALBUM will be available soon, online and at select Barnes and Noble Bookstores!!

Important: The PINK NOISE ALBUM is professionally mastered to give you the maximum volume and most powerful pink noise. Never! start The PINK NOISE ALBUM at full volume (especially when playing for babies!) Always start the MP3 or CD at a low volume and then gradually increase the volume until the pink noise covers up the noises you are trying to mask.



For just a few dollars you can finally enjoy peace and quiet! You can soothe your baby, get a good night's sleep and say goodbye to annoying street noise while you're woking or studying. Imagine being able to block out distracting conversations, but not get distracted yourself by listening to music!

Why purchase a "white noise machine" which can run well over $50, when you can have all of the same benefits for under $5! And if you currently have a white noise machine, The PINK NOISE ALBUM provides the perfect travel version of a white noise machine! Make sure you have a copy on your iPod or other MP3 player, and you're sure to find a million uses for it!

Get yours today!!!

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